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Dawn Taylor

Bio: Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Comparative Literature at The Pennsylvania State University. My current research project analyzes the processes of translation, publication, and dissemination by which the works of Jorge Amado became a part of the World Literature "canon."

Publications: “Jorge Amado’s Penn State Lectures: Brazilian Literature, World Literature (Excerpts).” By Jorge Amado. Transcripts. Comparative Literature Studies, 49.3 (2012): 348-60. “Jorge Amado é ou não é a porta de entrada do Brasil?” [“Is Jorge Amado the Gateway to Brazil or Not?”] By Alamir Aquino Corrêa. Comparative Literature Studies, 49.3 (2012): 361-71. “O racionalismo posto em questão na narrativa latino-americana: de Borges a Jorge Amado” [“Rationalism Called Into Question in the Latin American Narrative: From Jorge Luis Borges to Jorge Amado.”] By Eduardo de F. Coutinho. Comparative Literature Studies, 49.3 (2012): 372-81. “Jorge Amado, exílio e literatura” [“Jorge Amado: Exile and Literature.”] By Eduardo de Assis Duarte. Comparative Literature Studies, 49.3 (2012): 382-94.

Education: Ph.D. Department of Comparative Literature, The Pennsylvania State University, December 2014 (Expected) Minor in Latin American Studies Dissertation: “Regional Craftings, International Receptions: Jorge Amado's 'O pais do Carnaval'” Director: Dr. Thomas O. Beebee Committee: Dr. Djelal Kadir, Dr. Sophia A. McClennen, and Dr. Aldon L. Nielsen M.A. Department of Comparative Literature, The Pennsylvania State University, May 2010 Paper Title: "‘The Posthumous Memoirs’ of Edgar Allan Poe” B.A. Department of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University, December 2007 Concentration: Languages and Literatures

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