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James Manteith

Primary Profession: Independent Translator

Language(s): Russian

Bio: Anchored by fluency in Russian, James Manteith's professional background spans the humanities, sciences and business worlds. Manteith's work includes translations of literary, scholarly and technical texts, collaborations with authorities in a range of fields, and studies of modern literature and art. He serves as translation and interpretation coordinator for the Russian interdisciplinary magazine "Apraksin Blues" and its "The Campus" retreat center. Manteith has presented papers on his work for organizations including the Russian Institute for Cultural Research, the Russian Association of Scholars of Women's History, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies. His translations and performances of works from the Russian songwriting canon are noted by Russian and English-language audiences as uniquely capturing the spirit of the originals. He often presents bilingual readings in partnership with the editor-in-chief of "Apraksin Blues," artist Tatyana Apraksina, whose poetry and other writing he translates.

"Under the Spell of Landau: When Theoretical Physics was Shaping Destinies," ed. Mikhail Shifman, Singapore: World Scientific (2013), primary translator
Tatyana Apraksina's "California Psalms," poetry, Astoria, Ore.: Radiolarian Press (2013), with translator's introduction and commentaries
Poetry translations in "St. Petersburg Review" (2013)
Poetry translations, selected works of Alexander Nemirovsky, California: Woodside Publishing (2013)
Valery Sirovsky's "Thank You, Comrade Stalin, For Our Happy Childhood," novel translation, Moscow: Barbaris Publishing (2012)
Essay in "Private and Public: Gender Aspects," papers from the 4th Scholarly Conference of the Russian Association for Research in Women's History (2011)
Essay in "Image and Concept in Cultural Studies and Scholarly Ontology," papers from the 3rd All-Russia Congress of Cultural Studies, St. Petersburg: Eidos (2011)
Essay in papers from the UNESCO World Philosophical Forum Dialectical Symposium, Athens, Greece (2010)
Essay, poetry translations in "Terra Nova" literary magazine (2008)
Poetry/libretto translation for American Composers Association, Petersburg Musical Spring festivals (2008)
Essays, translations in "Apraksin Blues," Russia-U.S. (1998-present)
Poetry translations in "Sled Faty Morgany" literary almanac (2002)
Poetry translations in "Reality and Subject" literary magazine (2001)
Translations and poetry in "Convolvulus" literary magazine (1998, 2000, 2001)
Essay and translations in "caesura - the magazine of the San Jose Poetry Center" (2001)

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE (Middlebury, Vermont)

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