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Julie Winter

Primary Profession: Educator (University Level)

Language(s): German; French

Publications: Say Nothing about Politics by Barbara von Haeften, in progress; Songs including "Kinder" by Bettina Wegner, ATA Source, 2012; In 1945 They Were Children by Alena Wagnerova, Picton Press, 2008; Memories of Kreisau by Freya von Moltke, University of Nebraska Press, 2003; The Power of Solitude: My Life in the German Resistance by Marion Yorck von Wartenburg, University of Nebraska Press, 2000.

Education: MA, English Interdisciplinary Studies with Linguistics Emphasis, 2008; PhD, German Literature, 1993; MA, German Literature, 1986; BA, Social Sciences, 1979.

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1812 W Riverside Ave Apt. 402

Spokane WA 99201


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