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July 2012

Dentist Made the Grade at UT Dallas

Dr. Field Harrison BA'04

Nestled between trendy Mockingbird Station
and the luxurious Hotel Palomar, the office of
Dr. Field Harrison BA'04 could be a scene from a glammed-out movie set. Plasma TVs and massage chairs abound, along with a sleek and sophisticated waiting room for patients seeking fillings, cleanings, veneers, whitening and a host of cosmetic procedures.

Harrison grew up with UT Dallas in his backyard. He attended J.J. Pearce High School and lived in Richardson with his parents Melissa Harrison BA'88 and Harry Harrison. Field Harrison was recruited and was playing on the Ohio State Golf Team, but he soon realized he wasn't PGA material and transferred to TCU. Back in Texas, he went on a dental mission trip to Romania. There, he found his calling and soon after made the decision to enroll at UT Dallas. Harrison changed his attitude toward his studies. With his sights set on dental school, he would need much higher grades than he had ever earned previously.

"I spent day and night at the Eugene McDermott Library in a first floor cubicle. All I wanted was to make A's," said Harrison, who earned his degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. Though becoming a dentist felt like a long shot, Harrison edged closer to his dream by earning the first A-plus of his academic career. Along with high marks, he was also earning his stripes in the classroom.

"Dr. Sergio Cortes made organic chemistry seem easy for me. By the time I took the dental school admission test, I barely had to study the organic chemistry section. It gave me a whole new level of confidence." Harrison is grateful for the faculty who reached out to him. "People weren't there to fail you, they were there to help you," he said of professors like Dr. John Sibert, an associate professor of chemistry. And the hard work paid off. Harrison graduated with honors and was a two-time Academic All-American on the golf team.

After he began at the Baylor College of Dentistry, Harrison and the other Comets stuck together. "The UT Dallas kids all excelled. It was always a joke between us that we all did so well." Harrison created his bustling practice, Mint Dentistry, in 2009. "You have to have confidence in your ability to learn and I got that from UT Dallas." He still finds ways to support the University by donating to the School of Interdisciplinary Studies.

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