Advanced Placement® Summer Institute – Registration

You MUST register online for your application to be accepted.square-cb-for-comet-1

Applications emailed or faxed cannot be processed.   Registration Fee: $490.
A $50 fee is assessed on refunds prior to July 1.  There is no refund after July 1.


  • Institute Hours:  Monday through Thursday, 8:00 – 4:30.
  • A daily food voucher can be used at any retail venue for food items.  Note: Summer dining selections are limited.
  • Electronic curriculum will be distributed in most classes and participant laptops will be required—check the course descriptions for “What to Bring”.
  • Check payments to: UTDallas APSI at 800 W. Campbell Rd., HH32., Richardson, TX 75080.  Attn: Ginger DeWeese.
  • Payment is required prior to Institute. 

July 24 – 27, 2017

Instructor Class
Mark Adame AP® Biology – (new tchr.)
Stacey McMullen AP® Calculus AB – (exper. tchr.)
Janice Willingham AP® Chemistry – (new tchr.)
Mary Stanton AP® English Language & Comp. – (new tchr.)
Susan Hollier AP® Human Geography – (combined)
FULL Waitlist
Marisa Perez-Bernardo AP® Spanish Literature & Culture – (combined)
Matt Cone AP® U.S. History – (new tchr.)
Krista Boivie AP® World History – (exper. tchr.)
Paul Philp AP® World History – (new tchr.)
Sandra Effinger Pre AP® English HS – (combined)
FULL Waitlist
Kris Janeway Pre AP® English MS – (combined)
FULL Waitlist

July 31 - August 3, 2017

  Instructor Class
Scott Pass AP® Calculus AB – (new tchr.)
Thomas Dortch AP® Chemistry – (exper. tchr.)
Judith Hromcik AP® Computer Science A – (new tchr.)
Gina McCarley AP® Computer Science Principles – (combined)
Brook Bullock AP® English Language & Comp. – (exper. tchr.)
Joyce Herr AP® English Literature & Comp. – (exper. tchr.)
Judith Nevil AP® English Literature & Comp. – (new tchr.)
Amalia Gensman AP® Spanish Language & Culture – (combined)
Charlotte Chambliss AP® Studio Art – (combined)
Lori Dumerer AP® U.S. Government & Politics – (combined)
Christine Bond AP® U.S. History – (exper. tchr.)
Todd Abronowitz Pre AP® Chemistry – (combined)
Donna Speer Pre AP® Math HS – (combined)
Kathy Heller Pre AP® Math MS – (combined)
APSI Director 
Dr. Margaret R. Fair [email protected]
office: 972-883-4344
Financial Coordinator
Ms. Ginger DeWeese
[email protected]
office: 972-883-4409
fax: 972-883-4330