Fellows and Visiting Researchers at The Edith O'Donnell Institute at UT Dallas

Visiting Research Professor

Suzanne Preston-Blier
Harvard University
African Art

Senior Research Fellow (Fall 2017)

Zhou Xian
Nanjing University

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Paul Galvez
Nineteenth-century French painting; contemporary art

Elpida Vouitsis 
Nineteenth-century art; art historical translation

Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Xin Gao
Nanjing University
American Art

Yi Liu
Nanjing University
American Art

Visiting Scholar

Weili Zheng
Nanjing University Press

Edith O’Donnell Graduate Fellows, 2017-2018

Jacob Crawford
UT Dallas
Playing with Publishing: The Performance of Early Modern English Play Book Title Pages

Brianni Nelson
UT Dallas
You’re Just Being Sensitive: Blurred Lines of Race Humor in New Media

Leslie Reid
UT Dallas (Fall 2017)
Abu Dhabi, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, and Shigaraki: A Comparative Analysis of the Modernist Architecture of Five Universal Art Museums

Aditi Samarth
UT Dallas
The Survival of Hindu Cremation Myths and Rituals in 21st-Century Practice: Three Contemporary Case Studies

Fatemeh Tashakori
UT Dallas
Reverse Orientalism: The Westerner as the Other in Persian paintings of the Safavid dynasty

Edleeca Thompson
UT Dallas
African Art on View: Mediating Transnational Histories in Four Metropolitan Museums