Paul Gauguin Catalogue Raisonné

In collaboration with the Wildenstein Plattner Institute, Inc. (WPI) in Paris, O’Donnell Institute Founding Director Richard R. Brettell heads research for the multi-volume catalogue raisonné of the artist Paul Gauguin.

Paul Gauguin,Under the Pandanus (I Raro te Oviri), 1891
Dallas Museum of Art, Foundation for the Arts Collection, gift of the Adele R. Levy Fund, Inc.

In concert with the catalogue raisonné project and in collaboration with Richard R. Brettell and The Getty Research Institute, Elpida Vouitsis has translated for the first time into English all of Gauguin’s books: Ancien culte mahorie (1891-92), Cahier pour Aline (1893), Noa Noa (1893-94), Diverses choses (1896-January 1898), L'Esprit moderne et le catholicisme (1902), Racontars de rapin (September 1902), and Avant et après (January-February 1903).

In collaboration with the Art Institute of Chicago Vouitsis also translated into English all of Gauguin’s correspondence between 1879 and 1903 related to the artist’s materials and techniques.

Paul Gauguin, Torso of a Woman (Torse d’une femme), ca. 1895
Raymond and Patsy Nasher Collection
Photo: David Heald, courtesy Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

Richard R. Brettell, Founding Director, The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History and the Margaret McDermott Distinguished Chair, The University of Texas at Dallas

Elpida Vouitsis, Research Associate, The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, The University of Texas at Dallas