The School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication is home to artists, scientists, designers, scholars, and researchers who collaborate to create one of the most exciting and unique academic programs in the United States. Faculty, students, and researchers explore cutting edge topics through the study of emerging media, artistic experimentation with new technologies, and critical engagement with pressing social issues.


ATEC students choose a pathway of study in one of the following areas: Media Culture and Technology, Game Design, Animation, Communication Sciences, Critical Media Studies.

ATEC currently offers two undergraduate programs: 

  • BA in Arts and Technology
  • BA in Emerging Media and Communication

Bachelors in Arts and Technology

The Bachelors in Arts and Technology emphasizes the mutually productive interaction of technology with the arts, with specific emphasis on the interplay of visual art and narrative with the new modes of expression and communication that have emerged from the convergence of computing and media technologies. The program stresses not only the creation of, but also the potential applications and cultural implications of interactive media.

Bachelors in Emerging Media and Communication

As a digital liberal arts program, the EMAC major emphasizes theoretical, analytical, and creative approaches to help students understand the shifting media landscape. Our students develop critical, creative, and collaborative skills in writing and research, web design, digital aesthetics, social media, and platform and application development. Although we do not provide pre-professional training in digital marketing, public relations, journalism, or media production, EMAC majors build on their analytical and creative skills to develop careers in these fields and many others.