Faculty Administrators Advisors
Andrew Blanchard

Dean of Undergraduate Education

Nancy Bryant

Administrative Assistant I

Corey Butler

Computer Services Manager

Ellen Curtis

ATEC & EMAC Graduate Advisor

Gary Hardee

Research Manager for the Institute of Interactive Arts and Engineering

Pamela Kitchens

ATEC & EMAC Undergraduate Advisor (M-R)

Dennis Kratz

Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities

Tara Lewis

Assistant Dean of Arts and Humanities

Roger Malina

Associate Director of Arts and Technology

Charlotte Mason

Administrative Assistant II

Lauren McClain

ATEC & EMAC Undergraduate Advisor (S-Z)

Christine Messick

ATEC PhD Advisor

Brett Roby

Accountant II

Kristi Taylor

ATEC & EMAC Undergraduate Advisor (A-E)

Tessa Thibodeau

ATEC & EMAC Undergraduate Advisor (F-L)

Chip Wood

Graduate Advisor

Marjorie Zielke

Associate Director for the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering