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    Return to Color

    Return to Color is a 2.5D puzzle-platformer that utilizes the concept of additive color. A graphics card has short-circuited, and its little inhabitants work to restore color to their world. Help Red, Green, Blue, and the other colors reach the Color Cores to bring back the color. Each have their own special ability to navigate through the world, and can mix together to create new colors, personalities, and powers!

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    Download RTC for Mac

    Team Roster

    Sarah Buxkamper
    Creative Director
    Jennifer Tidwell
    Ricky Campitelli
    Dean Soeder
    Jeremy Hicks
    Stephen Mallory
    Game Designer
    Zack Lambert
    Game Designer
    Brenden Palmer
    Level Designer
    Carrie Crossley
    Level Designer
    Tashkeel Shah
    Environment Artist
    Chris Loewen
    Environment Artist
    Connell Johnson
    Character Artist
    Raffi Andonian
    Sound Design
    Sean Fagan
    UX/UI Design