UT Dallas School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication ATEC


Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty Research

Olivia Banner
media studies; gender, disability, and race in digital media and in digital health; health humanities; medicine, psychiatry, and media; feminist, queer, and crip theory; algorithmic culture
xtine Burrough
New media art, net.art, remix culture, culture jamming, intervention and virtual communities, art and social practices, digital labor
Frank Dufour
Sound Design, Interactive and Digital Arts, Aesthetics of Digital Audiovisual Design, History of Contemporary Music, History of Electo-Acoustic Music
Monica Evans
Computer game development and design, interactive narrative, serious games and simulations.
Eric Farrar
3D Computer Animation
Todd Fechter
3D Computer Animation
Paul Fishwick
Modeling and Simulation, Aesthetic Computing, Creative Automata, Digital Arts & Humanities
Scot Gresham-Lancaster
sonification, game audio, new media, network music, educational technology
Melissa Hernandez-Katz
Leadership, culture, and higher education and how communications plays a factor in all of these areas.
Janet Johnson
Rhetorical Analysis, Political Rhetoric, New Media/Social Media, Journalism, Media Studies
Midori Kitagawa
Interactive art and technology; computer animation; computer-mediated arts
Kim Knight
Media studies; digital humanities; network cultures and technologies; emerging media; viral media; gender and digital media
Carie Lambert
Technical communication, technical writing, grant writing, professional writing, English mechanics and style, editing, medical rhetoric.
Angela Lee
Media use and effects, news consumption, audience analysis, behavioral prediction, journalism ethics
Thomas Linehan
Research Administration - Arts and Technology Internet-Based Training and Distance Education Research in Game and Simulation Development University - Corporate Training and Research.
Roger Malina
Astrophysics; experimental publishing and curating; art and science
Ryan McMahan
Virtual reality; 3D user interfaces; human-computer interaction; training transfer; modeling simulation; computer graphics
Moon Kim
Nano-robots and nano-medicine; nano-electronics; flexible electronics; fabrication and manipulation of nanostructured materials and devices; e-book and app publishing
Mihai Nadin
He is, among other things, a pioneer in computer graphics and arts, human-computer interaction, visualization, semiotics, and anticipatory systems. He founded and directed the world's first Computational Design Program. His current area of research is anticipation/anticipatory systems and anticipatory computation.
Cassini Nazir
Web publishing, interactive digital media, design
Lucy Petrovic
Exploration of human computer interaction; creating immersive virtual environments; new media art
Bonnie Pitman
interactive digital media with visual objects and museums, visual culture and health care, interdisciplinary studies of museums, the history of museums
Maximilian Schich
History of western art and architecture, complex networks, cultural data science, multidisciplinarity, visualization.
Kyoung Lee Swearingen
Lighting, rendering, compositing in animated films
Scott Swearingen
Game design; level design; virtual environments; kinetic sculpture and radio
Dean Terry
Digital video; new media; interactive and internet art; art & technology; media studies and film
Kang Zhang
VESTIGE – Visual Engineering for Specification, Transformation, Integration, Generation and Evolution of digital information; develop visual programming and visual language technology and apply such technologies to multimedia/web authoring and presentation; software engineering; digital document interchange; data mining and Parallel/distributed programming
Marjorie Zielke
Cyberpsychology; emarketing design interfaces; virtual culture; virtual humans and synthetic societies; interactive project management

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