Doctoral Candidates in Arts and Technology

Jeffrey Senita

Disruptive Technologies Transforming Location-Based Entertainment

Thomas Linehan, Game Design
Dean Terry, Emerging Media
Midori Kitagawa, Animation & Motion Capture
Roger Malina, Arts, Sciences & Technology

Sherri Balch Segovia

Contributing to a Literacy of the Body in Digital Game Interaction

Frank Dufour, co-chair
David Parry, co-chair 
Monica Evans
Roger Malina 

John Kay

Immersive Computer-Based Media as Communication Technologies of Faith

Marjorie Zielke, Chair, ATEC
Frank Dufour, ATEC
Ryan McMahan, ATEC/Computer Science
Thomas Riccio, Humanities Aesthetic Studies/Art and Performance/Drama

On the Web

Terri Howard-Hughes

The Evolution of Technological Representation of Movement in Film and the Spectator Experience

Frank Dufour, Chair, ATEC
Charissa Terranova, Arts and Performance
Shilyh Warren, Film History
Kim Knight, EMAC