ATEC Teams up with the Perot Museum with Educational Games!

If you think museums are boring, just take a trip over to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, where you can save bee colonies, defend against feral hogs, and even give your Bruce Willis impression a try while defending Earth from asteroids. Through a nine-month collaboration with the museum, Arts and Technology (ATEC) students


Minecraft in the Classroom

Video games being used as educational tools in the classroom has been an oft-discussed topic, and it’s great to see when they are used effectively in real life situations. For example, the classrooms of Hank Lanipher and Amy Yount, two social studies teachers at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School in Washington.  They use Minecraft as

Photo for STEM Video Game Challenge

2013 STEM Video Game Challenge!

The National STEM Video Game Challenge is a multi-year competition that aims to motivate interest in STEM learning among America’s youth by tapping into students’ natural passion for playing and making video games. Join the new faces of game design and start designing today! Visit to learn more or submit your game! Deadline is April 24,


CGU’s STEAM Journal, Inaugural Issue!

The Claremont Graduate University’s Transdisciplinary Studies program has just released the inaugural issue of their STEAM Journal! A “transdisciplinary, international, theory-practice, peer-reviewed, academic, open access, online journal”, the CGU STEAM Journal serves as a place for scholars and professionals of a variety of disciplines to provide commentary, ideas, and information.  This online journal, with its

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Qualcomm Making $20M Alignment with STEAM

While one of the primary concerns of the STEAM movement has been alignment with big businesses and engineering firms, that worry may be soon to fade. Technology giant Qualcomm has thrown their support in with with their CEO making a $20 million donation to Berkeley’s College of Engineering for the purpose of expanding art and

STEAM3 (Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math “cubed”)

STEAM3 (Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math “cubed”), March 1-2, 2014 is an all-age appropriate, first-of-its-kind hybrid of a conference and Interactive Playground featuring speakers, workshops, demonstrations and four immersive environments focused on the future of education. The event is designed not only for educators and those passionate about education, students, and parents, but also Makers, learning content

Two Bit Circus

BUILDERS. DEVELOPERS. INVENTORS. MAKERS. Two Bit Circus is a think tank and talent magnet building products at the crossroads of amusement and education. The interdisciplinary team strives to make entertainment more enriching and education more fun. Our endeavors include attractions that increase traffic and revenue for public venues; large-scale, cause-based events that are impossible to