Design and Building Summer Camp for Girls

Starting this summer from July 8 to the 19th, REALM Charter High School in Berkeley, CA will be holding a camp for girls ages 9-12 focused around design and building called Studio G.  It is self-described as “a one-of-a-kind design and building summer camp that sparks creativity and curiosity through hands-on building, problem-solving, and meaningful making.”

Girls will work with tools like jigsaws and welders, fusing metal and creating both personal and social projects of relevance.  By integrating STEAM skills, Studio G aims to build confidence, grit, and the belief that anything is possible.  Camp members will emerge equipped to communicate “audacious” ideas through their creative voice, transform communities, and go forth into higher education and careers in any field of their choosing.

To learn more about the Studio G Building Camp, view their Camp Guide PDF here.