Fusebox Festival – Art and Technology Exploration


STEAM Projects – Motion Bank & CUE CHINA (Elsewhere, Offshore)

Fusebox has launched a new series, focusing on the intersection of Art, Culture, and Technology. Their first two projects, Motion Bank and CUE CHINA, are truly interesting forays into the world of STEM.

Motion Bank (featured in the above image) is a research project of the Forsythe Company that tracks the movement and choreography of dancers, mapping their paths and various performances.  Intended for use in dance education and digital arts practices, the project will be hosting a live showing Wednesday April 24th at the Salvage Vanguard Theater, free of charge.

CUE CHINA (Elsewhere, Offshore) is much more of a social and cultural piece, focusing on the Chinese workers who are constantly making everything from the clothes we wear to the phones we use on a daily basis.  We often remain willfully ignorant about the conditions of the people who make our stuff, despite hearing more and more often about the conditions of their workplace, the unsafe practices, and so on.  “CUE CHINA weaves together recordings of video chats between Ant Hampton and Chinese migrant workers to create a dream-like encounter wherein these repressed thoughts rise to the surface”.

For more information (and specifics on the operations of the technology), visit Fusebox’s Art & Technology website.

What is Fusebox?

Fusebox, a group that self-describes as one that “champions adventurous works of art across a variety of different mediums”, has begun a new series exploring the cross-sections of Art and Technology. Their core values are based around communication, collaboration, innovation, and education.  They call themselves an “idea engine”, “where artists and audiences can take risks, ask questions, break rules, blur boundaries, and explore ideas together.”