Games and Tech Join Forces for Charity

charades-for-goodWe’ve all seen the television ads and movements raising awareness for charitable causes, but this one is a truly unique example of using Gamification to bring people together and gather support for charity.  Good World Games is “all about Gaming for Good”.  They create games that serve as both community-builders and fundraisers, most recently launching “Charades for Good”, a mobile app for iOS and Android.  They are actively helping almost 2 million charities through their partnership with Crowdrise, and are constantly working to ignite social movements and raise money for any issue they can.  Founded by Gregory Sukornyk and Paul Cowles, Good World Games gives various portions of their profits to charities (in the case of Charades for Good, a whopping 50%!). The people at Good World Games only take away 17.5% of their in-app revenue as profit.

Games for Good has been in business for a while now, and has previously been involved in efforts from humanitarian, educational, environmental, and animal charities for years.

gorillafundThey often pair up through social media with other organizations such as The Creative Coalition (@TheCreativeC on Twitter), and are huge advocates for games integration into everyday life.  To support charities such as Save the Children, World Wildlife Fund, and Alzheimers Disease and Related Disorders, and millions of others, just grab yourself a game from Good World Games and get to playing!