Is Creativity The New “Big Skill”?

With the oncoming wave of Baby Boomer retirements, employers across the entire country are asking themselves where they are going to find the next group of employees with the problem solving skills and ingenuity to suit their job needs. ¬†Organizations will be competing left and right to gain adaptable, resourceful workers, and the common solution to the question of where to find these people is becoming “ask an artist.”

Adaptability and resourcefulness are the name of the game in the art world, and over 60% of arts graduates hold more than 2 jobs at once, while 20% hold more than 3.

These statistics along with the growing need for STEAM-related initiatives and projects is leading people to wonder…is an MFA the new MBA? Will companies be actively seeking out artists instead of accountants? FastCompany seems to think so, and you can read more about it in Steven Tepper’s article¬†on their website.