SEAD – An Innovative Interdisciplinary Art Gallery

Photo by www.fidelisstudio.comAs we consider how to integrate the “A” into “STEM”, and how to add artistic creativity and ingenuity with the processes and practicality of the sciences, we tend to overlook the opposite view.  The integration of STEM into the arts.  It has already happened, yet besides our active use and wonderment at the incredible functionality of things like the Adobe Creative Suite and game engines such as the Unreal Development Kit and CryEngine, we fail to see the common aesthetic appeal between STEM design and the arts we hang in galleries.  This gallery in particular has not only hung their walls with beautiful art, but accompanies each piece with interactive elements such as iPad apps that use image recognition to identify works and give the user the ability to “read” a piece of art, and listen to an additional recording.

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SEAD Gallery is a community development project that gives periodic shows by arts of the area and visualization students.  Based in Bryan, TX, the SEAD Gallery provides a downtown venue for arts and cultural exchange.  The name was inspired by the work of the Network for Science, Engineering, Art and Design, and their goal is to create a network of design and art galleries across the nation that would enable artists to go through them to display work in different states, offering new art style exposure to the people of the country.

The big goal is to bring the gallery experience  into the technology age, the owners want to bring art business downtown,  SEAD works to act as an avenue for artists to sell their pieces, and encourages them to participate in economic development in the community. “Every piece sold creates tax revenue, and what we want to do in economic development is create tax revenue.” SEAD aims to create entrepreneurship, and turn more artists into individual businesses, allowing for the creation of more art and the improvement of communities through increased expenditure.

The gallery itself is free of charge, and anybody may enter and view the exhibitions.  The gallery selects individuals from esteem such a The Arts council, but also aims to showcase the work of international artists, students, and promising beginners.

Additional information about the SEAD Gallery, including current projects and upcoming exhibitions, can be found at their home page.