The Duke STEAM Challenge


The Duke STEAM Challenge is an initiative encouraging students to show their skills in STEAM related fields. The Challenge consists of two events, each with various prize rewards.

The STEAMy Summer Challenge has just recently launched, and sporting a grand prize of $1000, challenges you to show why STEAM matters to you. Through the creation of a video using animation, claymation, documentary, or soundscapes, display in a maximum of two minutes the importance of STEAM.

The big challenge spans all the way into January of 2014. Teams will identify a real world problem or issue and suggest an idea for a project based-solution that utilizes an interdisciplinary STEAM approach.  Finalists will be chosen after an impromptu live pitch.

Transforming the World with STEAM

Quoting icons like Steve Jobs and Carl Sagan, Duke aims to invigorate student activism in bettering the world through STEAM initiatives.  Taken from their website:

“Is there something dance teaches us about DNA? How can the medical imaging techniques used to detect pre-cancerous changes in cell tissue help in restoring masterpieces? Can a local media arts project in public schools be used to connect air pollution and the youth asthma epidemic? How can the digitization, data mining, and visualization of historical census data be combined with oral histories, narratives, and photographs of once-vibrant communities to help inform public opinion and even policy about the next phase of urban renewal?”

The applications open in Fall of this year, and is welcoming every student from undergrad, graduate, and professional schools to work in inter and transdisciplinary teams, sharing expertise and working to create new and innovative solutions to global problems.


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