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Office of Audit and Compliance

All About Compliance Training

What is compliance training? Why does it matter?

Compliance training is training on how to follow the laws and policies that apply to you. Every UT Dallas employee must complete it.

UT Dallas has two big reasons for requiring compliance training:

Who is required to take compliance training and when?

All employees must take compliance training, including part-time employees like student workers and research/teaching assistants.

The most common times we will ask you to take training are:

If you’re a department manager, please contact us anytime you need training for your employees.

How do I take the training?

UT Dallas delivers compliance training online. If you need in-person training, please let us know, and we’ll set it up.

To take the training:

  1. Go to the UT Dallas eLearning website
  2. Log in with your Net ID and password (most Net IDs are three letters followed by six numbers, such as abc123000)
  3. Choose Compliance Training from the My Organizations section (usually located under the Course List section)

Last updated: November 6, 2013