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Patty Atchley Service to Student Life Award

This award honors a student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve the quality of student life at UT Dallas.

Jacky Lam
Winner, 2013 Patty Atchley Service to Student Life Award

Sanjeev Bollam   Jennifer Creamer   Jacky Lam   Rohit Sonwalkar   Yitao Wang   Nujeen Zibari            

Community Service Award

This award honors a student for their outstanding service to the community.

Sartaz Khan
Winner, 2013 Community Service Award

Sanjeev Bollam   Sartaz Khan   Jacky Lam                        

Employee of Excellence Award

This award honors a student employee who has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities and professionalism in their position.

Joni Roland
Winner, 2013 Employee of Excellence Award

Edward Bradburn   Sara Dawson   Kim Hoang   Michelle Moore   Joni Roland   Ardalan Sharifi   Gabriela Sosa   Natasha Truesdale
Matthew Wyder   Yingyue Yang                        

Rising Star Award

This award honors a student in the beginning years of their leadership experience at UT Dallas who has demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities.

Aaron Dotson
Winner, 2013 Rising Star Award

Sean Byrne   Aaron Dotson   Kim Hoang   Sereena John   Kenneth Livingston   Eshita Sharmin   Bryan Szczerba   Luna Zenati    

Advisor of the Year Award

This award honors an advisor who demonstrates outstanding dedication and service to his or her organization.

Ashfia Salemin
Winner, 2013 Advisor of the Year Award

Tiffanie Douglas   Jody Everson   Lisabeth Lassiter   Ashfia Salemin   Kathryn Stecke                

Student Leader of the Year Award

This award honors the best of student leadership at UT Dallas. Distinguished qualities include a student’s strong leadership skills, impact on the UT Dallas community, and involvement in a variety of organizations and activities both on and off campus.

Mohammad Nafis Bin Nasim
Winner, 2013 Student Leader of the Year Award

Sanjeev Bollam   Jordan Claytor   Leah Collum   Marwah Elsehety   Hector Gutierrez   Sanket Kamath   Jacky Lam   Yonas Lemma   Jeremy Miller
Mohammad Nafis Bin Nasim   Dan Nguyen   Kevin Nguyen   Daniela Rodriguez   Rohit Sonwalkar   Michael Sullivan   Zack Sutton   Tra Tran    

Golden Comet Award

This award honors a recognized student organization that has positively impacted the campus and surrounding community.

Bangladeshi Student Organization
Winner, 2013 Golden Comet Award

Bangladeshi Student Organization
Golden Key International Honour Society
Indian Student Association
Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Radio UTD
Student Government
The Mercury
Vietnamese Student Association

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