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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Sara Arnold

Sara ArnoldBachelor of Science in Neuroscience


My first research experience was with UTD's own Christa McIntyre starting my freshman year, beginning the resume I'd use for every application thereafter. I was awarded a Green Fellowship for spring 2010 to work with Carol Tamminga, chair of psychiatry at UTSW, where I analyzed post-mortem human brain tissue for evidence of neurotransmitter receptor abnormalities in hippocampal subfields in schizophrenia. The semester-long Green Fellowship, longer than the traditional 8-10 week summer programs, allowed me to complete a set of meaningful experiments while earning the course credits I'd need to graduate. What's more, it gave me the opportunity to build a relationship with Carol and the Division of Translational Neuroscience in Schizophrenia. I returned after completing my bachelors degree to join the imaging team, primarily to analyze the hippocampus in MRI scans of psychosis populations. The project was part of a collaboration among six labs across the country, and examined hippocampal volume differences among people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar I disorder with psychosis, their first-degree relatives, and controls. Nearly two years later, Schizophrenia Bulletin published the manuscript I wrote on the study. It was unquestionably my experience as a Green Fellow in Carol's lab which gave me the chance to work on this project and publish my first paper, and with first authorship. For students in the BBS, ECS, NS&M, or IS with a passion for research, the Green Fellowship is an ideal avenue for earning course credits, building professional networks, and doing science.

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