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ASD Child Study


What will be involved in our research study?


Phone InterviewPhone Screening

A pre-screening telephone interview to get some background information and make sure your child is right for the study.




Visit to the Callier Center will include:


Additional ScreeningCenter Screening

Additional screening measures to determine your child’s eligibility for the study.





Child AssessmentChild Assessment

A one-hour and half-hour assessment of your child’s developmental level.





Development InterviewDevelopment Interview

A one-and-a-half hour interview about your child’s development.





Video SessionVideo Tape Interactive Play

The 10-minute video recorded sessions will involve structured, interactive play between you and your child so that we can score your child’s responses at a later time.




After completion of the audio and videotaping session, caregivers will be paid for their time with a $20 gift card to Walmart, and the child will receive an age-appropriate toy. You will also learn about your child’s development.


EmailTo volunteer for our study, call 972-808-6731 or email

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