Mandy Maguire, PhDMandy J Maguire, PhD

Dr. Maguire's research interests include studying children's typical language development through behavioral and electrophysiological responses. Her primary goal is to study the neurological underpinnings of typical language development as a foundation for better understanding language disorders and delays. To learn more about the current research in the lab, see our "Studies" page. For a list of Dr. Maguire's publications, see "Publications."

Dr. Maguire received her undergraduate degree in psychology at Penn State University where she focused on cognition and development. Following a year as a research assistant in Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging, she began the Developmental Psychology PhD program at Temple University. There she worked with Kathy Hirsh-Pasek studying semantic development in children, focusing primarily on verb learning. In her dissertation she identified various cues that children use to learn new verbs, and then extended that work with English speaking children to those learning Japanese and Spanish. Dr. Maguire then returned to her work in cognitive neuroscience during a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Louisville in the Developmental Neuroscience Lab where her primary work included collecting data for a longitudinal study of early EEG markers of later reading disabilities. Since starting at the University of Texas at Dallas her work she has worked to combine behavioral and neurolinguisic techniques to better understand typical language development.

Alyson Abel, PhDAlyson Abel, PhD

Dr. Alyson Abel is a postdoctoral researcher at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders. Dr. Abel earned her PhD from the Child Language Doctoral Program at the University of Kansas, an MS in Speech-Language Pathology from Vanderbilt University and a BA in Psychology/Linguistics from Emory University. Dr. Abel's research interests are in word learning, specifically verb learning, and interactions between verb learning and other linguistic areas in typically developing children and children with specific language impairment.


Doctoral Students

Lynda SidesLynda Sides is a doctoral student in Cognition and Neuroscience at UT Dallas. She received her BA in Psychology, earned a master's degree from Ohio State University in Guidance and Counseling, and worked as a counselor for a number of years. She recently earned a MS in Molecular and Cell Biology from Eastern New Mexico University, using electrophysiological and florescence imaging techniques to study the interaction of nitric oxide and dopamine on Helix aspersa neurons. Her current research interests include the electrophysiological investigation of neural signatures accompanying word class representation in the cerebrum.

Anna FitzhughAnna Fitzhugh
is a doctoral student in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program at The University of Texas at Dallas. She achieved certification as a Certified Academic Language Therapist in 2012, and has worked with children with dyslexia as a Reading Intervention Specialist since 2007. She earned her MA in Psychology at San Diego State University in 2010, with an emphasis in cognitive and linguistic development, and earned a BA in Psychology in 2006 at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her current interests include the psychological and neurological mechanisms involved in specific learning disabilities, particularly dyslexia.

Julie SchneiderJulie Schneider
is doctoral student in the Psychological Sciences program. She received a MS in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from UT Dallas in 2013, and a BA in English with a minor in Psychology from Texas Tech University in 2011. Her current research focuses on the use of Event Related Potentials and Time Frequency Analysis to better understand grammaticality errors and sentence processing in typically developing children.



Graduate Students

Angela KimAngela Kim is a graduate student in the Communication Disorders Department. She completed her BS at UT Dallas in Speech Pathology & Audiology. She intends on completing the UTD Speech Pathology Graduate program and focus on helping adults who struggle with aphasia.




Fizza NaqviFizza Naqvi is a graduate student at UT Dallas studying Healthcare studies. She previously worked at a neuroplasticity lab with Dr. Kilgard and graduated from UTD last Spring with a BSin Neuroscience. After graduating from UTD, she intends to apply to Medical School & become a pediatrician.




Amanda LewisAmanda Lewis is a graduate of UT Dallas with a BS in psychology and child learning and development. She currently works for the Winston School teaching English/Upper levels. She plans to pursue a PhD in school psychology and work in her main area of focus: educational intervention for children with specific learning disabilities.




Tehila NugielTehila Nugiel is a master's student in the Applied Cognition and Neuroscience program at UT Dallas. She received her BAin Psychology from Ramapo College. Her research interests are in the neural systems governing language acquisition and 'meaningful' learning. She plans to pursue her PhD in cognitive neuroscience.




Allison GardnerAllison Gardner is a current master's student at UT Dallas, pursuing a degree in Applied Cognition & Neuroscience. She successfully completed a BS in Psychology from Ferris State University in Northern Michigan. After graduating from UTD she hopes to pursue a career in Intraoperative Neural Monitoring.




Ann KennedyAnn Kennedy is a graduate of UT Dallas with a BS in Speech Pathology & Audiology. She is currently applying to graduate programs and hopes to continue her career as a Speech Pathologist.



Linh TrieuLinh Trieu is a master's student in the Applied Cognition and Neuroscience program at UT Dallas. She received her BS in Neuroscience from UTD, with a minor in Music. Linh hopes to enter medical school once she earns her master's degree, and currently plans on specializing in either Neurology or Psychiatry.




Undergraduate Students

Jagger McCordJagger McCord is a sophomore undergraduate student studying Cognitive Science with an interest in language disorders. Jagger plans to continue his studies while doing doing hands-on research to compliment his undergraduate studies at UT Dallas.





Margarita Ventura is a current undergraduate student at UT Dallas studying Neuroscience. She hopes to pursue a career within the field of Psychology.

Ramya ChagarlamudiRamya Chagarlamudi
is a senior at Coppell High School. She plans on attending UT Austin, where she hopes to major in either psychology or neuroscience.