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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences






Culture and Choice


Choice is an important aspect of our life. We are making lots of choices every day. Some of them are critical (e.g., career choice) whereas others are rather trivial (e.g., where to go for lunch). However, regardless of its significance, any given choice is influenced by numerous factors such personal preferences (what I like), social preferences (what others like), personality, and so on. In this project, we investigate whether the relative importance of these factors would vary as a function of one’s cultural backgrounds.


Social-Class and Behaviors


Social-class (objective and subjective status, vis-à-vis others in socio-cultural contexts) has emerged as a key factor for numerous psychological processes. In this project, we are interested in how social-contexts associated with social-class shape our behaviors, thoughts and feelings. In particular, we currently focus on how social-class interacts with the flexibility of one's attitude and the sensitive to social contexts.


Other Projects


Research in the Culture and Mind lab also covers other areas of the dynamic interaction between culture and mind. In particular, we have been interested in 1) how cultural differences would be translated into individual differences, focusing on the differences between the individual level and culture level analyses; 2) how cultural differences are "embrained"; 3) how age may contribute to cultural differences in various psychological processes.