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Human ID Project


We have compiled a database consisting of both still images and videos of faces and people in motion. These images are currently being used in our lab as stimuli for experiments designed to test human recognition memory for faces.


Our database maintains both close-up videos clips of faces and longer-range video clips that contain whole body shots. Close-up videos capture dynamic information about the face across a range of viewpoints ("dynamic exploration") and emotional expressions. A subset of these videos includes speech-generated lip-movements and auditory information from voices. The longer-range videos include dynamic information from individuals actively involved in a conversation. Gait videos of subjects walking include information about the face, posture, and gait of the individuals.


Full details of the database can be found in:


O'Toole, A.J., Harms, J., Snow, S. L., Hurst, D. R., Pappas, M. R. & Abdi, H. (2005). A video database of moving faces and people. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 27(5), 812-816.


To obtain the database, fill out the permission form and fax or mail it back to us. Send us a HD, following the instructions described in the link below.


Permission form for the database

Disk and shipping Information

Help when having trouble accessing a hard disk





Facial Mug Shots

Dynamic Facial Mug Shots

Dynamic Facial Speech: Video 1, Video 2

Dynamic Facial Expressions: Disgust, Laughter

Dynamic Parallel Gait

Dynamic Perpendicular Gait

Dynamic Conversation


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