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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

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Hahn, C. A., Hart, E., Flanagan, K., Phillips, J. P., & O’Toole, A. J. (2013). Time course of person recognition in a naturalistic environment. Abstract from the 13th Annual Meeting of the Vision Science Society, Naples, FL, May, 2013. PDF


Rice, A., Phillips, P. J., & O’Toole, A. J. (2013). Variable use of the face and body for person recognition. Abstract from the 13th Annual Meeting of the Vision Science Society, Naples, FL, May, 2013. PDF



Allyson Rice, Jonathon Phillips, Vaidehi Natu, Xiaobo An, Alice O'Toole. "Unconscious use of the body in identifying the 'face.'" May 7, 2012. PDF


Vaidehi Natu, Alice O'Toole (2012). "Spatial and temporal characteristics of the neural representations of face familiarity." May 8, 2012. PDF


Alice O'Toole, Vaidehi Natu, Allyson Rice, P. Jonathon Phillips, Xiaobo An. "A pattern classification approach to discriminating neural responses to faces and bodies in motion." May 9, 2012. PDF



A. J. O'Toole, P. J. Phillips, J. Dunlop, X. An, S. Weimer & V. Natu. "Identifying faces over large changes in illumination: Human vs. Machine Performance." May 2, 2011. PDF



A. J. O'Toole, S. Weimer, J. Dunlop, R. Barwick, J. Ayyad & P. J. Phillips. "Recognizing people from dynamic video: Dissecting identity with a fusion approach." May 8, 2010. PDF


Vaidehi Natu, David Raboy, Alice O'Toole. "Differential spatial and temporal neural response patterns for own- and other-race faces." April 30, 2010. PDF


David Raboy, Alla Sekunova, Michael Scheel, Vaidehi Natu, Samuel Weimer, Brad Duchaine, Jason Barton, Alice O'Toole. "The recognition of static versus dynamic faces in prosopagnosia." May 5, 2010. PDF



Vaidehi Natu, David Raboy, Christina Wolfe, Jinesh Jain, Alice O'Toole. "Dissociable neural responses for Caucasian and Asian faces using a pattern-classification approach." October 12, 2009. PDF

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