School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Daniel C. Krawczyk

Associate Professor
Debbie and Jim Francis Chair in BrainHealth

Research Interests

Reasoning and executive functions in humans primarily using cognitive measures and neuroimaging, applying these measures to individuals recovering from the cognitive effects of traumatic brain injuries.

Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 972-883-3234
Office: GR_4.202C
Campus Mail Code: GR41
Website: Reasoning Lab


Dr. Daniel Krawczyk’s major research area is human reasoning. His recent work involves evaluating how individuals perform complex cognitive tasks after having experienced a traumatic brain injury. He has been developing new methods to understand cognitive deficits and improvements using computerized tasks. He also is investigating the influence of hormones, face judgments, and deception on social judgments. Dr. Krawczyk’s prior work has included studies of reasoning by analogy, metaphor, working memory, and decision making in people who have neurological and psychiatric deficits, as well as in experts who have studied for many years in a particular area. Dr. Krawczyk earned bachelor’s degree from State University of New York at Fredonia and his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of California. He is jointly appointed in the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Recent and Selected Representative Publications

Recent Articles in Peer-Refereed Journals

Kretz, D. R., & Krawczyk, D. C. (2014). Expert analogy use in a naturalistic setting. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 1333.

Murch, K. B. & Krawczyk, D. C. (2014). A neuroimaging investigation of attribute framing and individual differences. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 9, 1464-1471.

Kandalaft, M. R., Didehbani, N., Krawczyk D. C., Allen, T., & Chapman, S. B. (2013). Virtual reality social skills training for young adults with high-functioning Autism. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 43, 34-44.

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