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Q:  Do I have to participate?
A:  No! Your participation with your baby is completely voluntary.

Q:  Will I be paid if I participate in the research?
A:  Unfortunately, we cannot offer pay to our volunteers, but you and your baby will receive a packet of information about infant development, a small gift, and a certificate of appreciation.

Q:  Will I be with my baby the whole time?
A:  Yes, our current studies are designed to keep babies with their parents throughout the appointment.  In most of our studies, your baby will sit on your lap while we record your baby’s attention.

Q:  Will I receive results of the studies?
A:  We share our results via newsletters, emails, or our website.

Q:  Can I bring my older children?
A:  If you cannot arrange for child care for older siblings, please let us know when we contact you to schedule an appointment. We will arrange for a lab assistant to be available.

Q:  Will you evaluate my baby for developmental delays?
A:  We are studying how babies, in general, learn about people, emotions, or language, so we won’t be able to tell if your baby has a delay through participation in this research. However, if you are concerned about your infant, we can refer you to a local program or your pediatrician.

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