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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

developmental, cognitive and social/personality
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Jan 21 Rob Ackerman, PhD Power Analysis for the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model
Jan 28 Amanda Hahn Forensic Examiners' Performance on Facial Comparisons
Feb 4 Julie Schneider Using Time-Frequency Analysis to Better Understand Real-Time Sentence Processing
Feb 18 Brittany Boyer and Justin Scott Maternal Conflict Behavior Profiles and Child Social Skills
Mar 4 Matt Brown, PhD and Eun Ah Lee Exploring Implicit Understanding of Engineering Ethics in Students Teams
Mar 25 Jon Shasteen You Mad, Bro? A Facial Threat Advantage in the Absence of Anger
Apr 8 Cherise Chin-Fatt Assessing the Relationship Between Cognitive Measures and Functional Connectivity in Alzheimer's Disease
Apr 15 Rick Addante, PhD The Unconscious Hippocampus: What if it Does the Things Which We Say it Doesn't Do?
Apr 22 Danny Pacheco Change in Self-Regulation Among Low-Income, Ethnic Minority Preschoolers: A Person-Centered Approach

Apr 29

D. S. Gorfein, PhD On the Effects of Word Meaning Selection


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Jan 15


Sam Dewitt Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior and Resting State Functional Connectivity
Jan 22 Jonathon Shasteen The Threat Superiority Effect: Why are Angry Faces Found More Quickly
Jan 29   TBD
Feb 5 Tatiana Peredo Maternal Sensitivity, Child Vocabulary, and Child Inhibitory Control Among Young Low-income Latino Children
Feb 12 Nicole Nelson A Facial Expression of Pax: What Children's Recognition of Nonsense Expressions Can Tell Us About Emotion Knowledge
Feb 19   TBD
Feb 26 Shaurabh Nandy A Deeper Look at the Attraction Effect to Identify Problems with Estimating Choice Probabilities
Mar 5   TBD
Mar 12   Spring Break
Mar 19 Rob Ackerman, PhD and Conrad Corretti Roommate Relationship Development
Mar 26 Daniel Faso and Derek Beaton An Introduction to ANOVA in R (presentation materials)
Apr 2   TBD

Apr 9

Apr 16 Amanda Hahn Contributing Factors of Person Recognition in Natural Environments
Apr 23 Julie Schneider Developmental Differences of Neural Oscillations in Language Processing

Apr 30


Talk Canceled
Kari Stouffer The Effects of Prior Domain Knowledge and Cognitive Flexibility on Memory and Comprehension for Expository Text
May 7 Jenny Wong The Neural Correlates of Encoding Memory Associations
May 14 Fang Jiang, PhD Auditory Motion Processing After Early Blindness: An fMRI Study of Cross-modal Plasticity
Sep 3 Noah Sasson, PhD Measuring the Broad Autism Phenotype in Parents of a Child with Autism and the General Population
Sep 10 Ljubica "Libby" Damjanovic How Experience Shapes the Perception of Angry and Happy Facial Expressions: Cross-cultural and Real-world Applications of the Face in the Crowd Effect (FICE)
Sep 17 Brittany Boyer Graduate Students and Post-Docs Only: Tips for Publishing as a Graduate Student
Sep 24 Conrad Corretti and Daniel Faso The Broad Autism Phenotype and Roommate Relationships
Oct 1 Kristin Nordahl, PhD Early Father-child Interaction in a Father-friendly Context: Findings from the Behavior Outlook Norwegian Developmental Study (BONDS)
Oct 8 Jinkyung Na, PhD Cultural Modes of Reasoning Can Influence Interpersonal Liking and Political Elections
Oct 15 Kerrianne Morrison The Use of Conversational Discourse Markers in Adults with High-Functioning Autism
Oct 22 Sam Ehrenreich, PhD An Overview of NIH Funding Opportunities for First-time Applicants
Oct 29 Brittany Boyer BMI Trajectories in Early Childhood Predicting Cardiovascular Health in Adolescence
Nov 5 Maggie O'Connell Testing a Hierarchical Model of Working Memory: Influence of Age and Long-term Memory on Verbal Memory Updating
Nov 12 Sarah Kucker The Role of Novelty Biases and Vocabulary Knowledge in Word Learning
Nov 19 Kari Stouffer Effects of Prior Domain Knowledge and Cognitive Flexibility on Recall and Comprehension for Expository Text
Dec 3 Rosanna E. Guadagno, PhD Capturing the Elusive Vividness Effect: Figural Vividness and Persuassion
Dec 10 Ben Porter, PhD Making the Most of Conferences


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Jan 30 Jesse Poucher When I Get in the Way of We: Intimacy as a Mediator Between Contingent Self-worth and Relationship Satisfaction
Feb 27 Alison Perez The Contributions of Age and Cognitive Control on Decision-Making

Mar 6

Derek Beaton From Good Statistics to Pretty Pictures: The Magic of the Singular Value Decomposition in R
Mar 27 Ben Balas Invariant Properties of Thin-slice Perception
Apr 3 Matthew Brown What is Socially Distributed Cognition?
Apr 10   SRCD Presentations

Apr 17

Room Change: GR 4.209
Jyoti Joshi Dhall Multimodal Approach to Automatic Depression Analysis
May 1 Adam R. Teed Distinguishing Conceptual Motivations for Vegetarianism: A Pilot Study of Values in Routine Consumer Choice.

Sep 11

  Psych Sciences FACULTY MEETING
Sep 18 Sarah Hinkley Parenting Style, Parenting Practices and Children's Body Dissatisfaction
Sep 25   Canceled
Oct 2   Canceled
Oct 9 Jackie Nelson Fighting Fair: Constructive and Destructive Characteristics of Mother-Child Conflict

Oct 16


Talk Canceled
Sam Dewitt Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior and Resting State Functional Connectivity
Oct 23   Psych Sciences FACULTY MEETING
Oct 30 Daniel Faso Recognizing Posed and Evoked Facial Expressions of Emotion from Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Nov 6 Sunny Patel Examining the Influence of Perceived Social Consensus Information on Weight Prejudice Across Development
Nov 13 Ryan Brigante Dynamics of Auditory Memory Representation
Nov 20 Mitchell Meltzer Cross-stimulus Differences in the Roles of Familiarity and Recollection in Associative Recognition
Dec 4 Nicholas Hubbard Central Executive Dysfunction and Deferred Prefrontal Processing in Veterans with Gulf War Illness
Dec 11 Brittany Boyer Longitudinal Associations of Parenting and Adolescent Health: The Mediating Influence of Social Competence


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Feb 8 Jay Dowling, PhD Music Perception and Treisman's Feature Integration Theory
Feb 22 Hsueh-Sheng Chiang Influence of Perceptual and Semantic Factors on Inhibitory Responses: An fMRI Study
Mar 7 Robert Ackerman, PhD The Interpersonal Legacy of a Positive Family Climate in Adolescence
Mar 21 Donald Kretz Reasoning and Problem Solving in a Naturalistic Setting
Apr 4 Micaela Chan Well-Being and Age-Related Cognitive Decline
May 2 Rachna Raman Analyzing Modulation in Scales in South Indian Classical Music: A Cross-Cultural Perspective


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Sep 7

Chandramaillika Basak

Cognitive and Brain Plasticity in Younger and Older Adults
Sep 14



Sep 21

Fadwa Elashi

Do Children Trust Group Members More than Accurate Informants? The Role of Group Membership on Children's Trust Decisions
Sep 28 Ehsan Shokri Functional Pathways to Caudal-rostral Prefrontal Activity in Visuo-Spatial Reasoning
Oct 5

Shaikat Hossain

Music Masking Speech in Cochlear Implant Simulations

Oct 12 Jinkyung Na Spontaneous Trait Inference is Culture Specific: Behavioral and Neural Evidence
Oct 19 Jackie Nelson African American and European American Mothers' Use of Emotion Socialization: Differences in Beliefs, Practices and Outcomes
Oct 26   Open
Nov 2 Josh Arduengo Improving Eyewitness Memory
Nov 9 David S Gorfein If the Meaning You Don't Achieve, Prime Prime Again


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Sep 1

Lynda Sides

Hippocampal Volume, Age, Sex and the Need for Cognition (Research Project Presentation)
Sep 15

Elaine Dolan

Mothers' Attitudes toward Their Infants' Body Sizes

Sep 29

Daniel Hubbard

Adaptation to Expressive Speech
Oct 13 David Gorfein On the Consequences of Multiple Priming Attempts for Homograph Processing
Oct 20

Shannon Layman

Differentiating Rock from Bach, Identification of Mainstream Recordings Requires Only Brief Excerpts

Oct 27 Asheley Landrun Naughty or Nice: Does Meanness or Niceness Distract from Expertise in Children's Trust Decisions?
Nov 3 Susan Jerger How Face-Distractors Influence Performance in Children
Nov 10 Sunny Patel Children’s Willingness to Help Overweight Peers: Association with Stereotypes and Beliefs about Controllability of Weight


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