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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Steven McWilliams


Steven McWilliams

Senior Lecturer

PhD, University of North Texas

Chemotherapeutic-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain


GR 4.714

972-883-6785 phone email

















About Steven McWilliams


Dr. McWilliams teaches neuroscience and neuroscience-related courses at UT Dallas. After serving in the United States Navy, he spent several years working at the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office and at UT Southwestern. He brings his medical field related experiences to the classroom and to advising those thinking of entering such medical fields.


Research Interests


As a graduate student, Dr. McWilliams conducted research in the field of neuropathic pain, especially that induced by chemotherapeutic drugs. He now tends to focus most of his attention on teaching and students.


Recent Publications