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For what careers will this PhD prepare me?

The psychological sciences PhD program is an experimental psychology program and provides training for a career in teaching and research. Former graduates have successfully acquired university faculty positions, as well as research positions in hospitals, school systems, healthcare start-ups, and research institutes. Graduates have also worked in applied research settings, conducting program evaluation research with education and intervention programs.


Does UT Dallas have a clinical psychology or counseling program?

No, we do not offer a clinical or counseling master's or PhD degree.


Is there financial aid?
Financial support of doctoral students is awarded through teaching or research assistant stipends and full tuition scholarships. For more information about graduate financial support opportunities, visit the University’s graduate financial aid page and BBS’ financial aid and support page for PhD students.


Should I apply for the master’s program or the PhD program?
This depends on your goals. The master’s degree is appropriate for students interested in broad psychology training beyond the undergraduate level or additional training to prepare them for applying to doctoral programs in clinical psychology and other areas of psychology. The PhD program is appropriate for students interested in careers in research and teaching and involves extensive training in research design and methodology.


Should I apply for the PhD program in psychological sciences or in cognition and neuroscience? I am interested in studying cognitive psychology.
These two programs have a lot in common. There is overlap in the coursework of these programs, and many of the faculty members are involved with both programs. The Psychological Sciences program allows for broader training in psychology; students can select a concentration in developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, or social/personality psychology. The Cognition and Neuroscience program focuses more narrowly on cognitive psychology or neuroscience.  One way to decide what program may be best for you is to think about what type of department you see yourself affiliated with in the future and which degree best serves your career goals.


What is UTD like?
The University of Texas at Dallas is a rapidly growing university, ranked among the top three public institutions in Texas. In fact, the average SAT score for entering freshmen is higher than any public college or university in Texas. UTD is located in Richardson, Texas, about 15 miles north of Dallas. The campus is vibrant, with opportunities for art, drama, music, athletics, and other activities. For more information about UTD, please visit the website for visitors.


What is Dallas like?
Dallas is a richly diverse American city—a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles. The Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area is 5th largest in the country. The Dallas area boasts 50,000 acres of public park land, the nation’s largest urban arts district with excellent symphony, opera, and art museums, 5 major sports franchises, multiple entertainment districts, and a thriving culinary scene. Yes, Dallas is hot in the summer, but its average daily temperature is 65 degrees (spring, fall, and winter are great!). The area offers a reasonable cost of living and an abundance of sunshine. 



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