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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

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“Autistic Subjects’ Facial Expressions Don’t Always Mirror Emotions”, UT Dallas News:


“BBS Researchers to Explore Social Cognition in Two Disorders”, UT Dallas News:


"Autistic Savants: Geniuses of Obscure Devotion", Scientific American:


"Study Compares Causes of Social Dysfunction in Autism and Schizophrenia", UT Dallas News:


“UT Dallas Working To Help Identify Autism Early”, CBS 11 News:


“Eye Movements May Help Detect Autism in Babies”, UT Dallas News:





Autism Spectrum Disorders

Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders at the National Institute of Mental Health:

Learn about the signs of Autism (from Autism Speaks, a leading advocacy organization):


ASD Resources at UT Dallas

Services offered by the Callier Center for Communication Disorders:

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