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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas



The Fast-Track program enables students to accelerate completion of a masters program in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience, Communication Disorders or Human Development and Early Childhood Disorders by allowing them to take 15 credits of graduate coursework a year that will count towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.


The UT Dallas courses taken by undergraduates for graduate credit through the Fast-Track program will not transfer to any other college or university. 


Requirements and Application Procedures


  • Undergraduate students must have completed 72 semester credit hours toward their bachelor degree (including 18 semester credit hours in major core courses) to qualify.
    • Apply through the program office of the graduate program you wish to enter. Students must meet with the program head before submitting an application.
    • Admission requirements vary across programs, but usually include three letters of recommendation, Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores and a statement of purpose. Most students who enter the Fast-Track program have a GPA of at least 3.5 within their major.
    • Once accepted into program, students can take up to 15 hours of graduate course work that will count toward both their bachelor and graduate degrees. These courses must be specified and approved by both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Both the associate deans and the graduate advisor must sign a Substitution of Graduate Courses for Undergraduate Requirements form that is available in the Associate Dean’s office.
    • Procedurally, the student takes graduate courses for undergraduate credit. These credit hours count toward the 120 undergraduate hours required to graduate. When registering each semester, fill out a Fast-Track Program Course Registration form so that the Office of the Registrar knows to apply the courses to both undergraduate and graduate degrees. This form is available from the assistant to the Associate Dean. In graduate courses only grades of B or better are acceptable and transferable.


After enrolling as a graduate student, the total number of hours needed to earn the master’s degree is reduced by the number of graduate hours (up to 15) the student earns a grade of B or better as an undergraduate. Specific course hours are not transferred forward on to the graduate transcript, but the graduate program reduces the total number of hours needed to graduate and gives the student credit for having completed the courses taken as an undergraduate.

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