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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Prashant Raghavendran


Monica Hardman“I was a pretty shy kid and a real bookworm earlier in my education.  But my experience at UT Dallas was so friendly, and I was able to meet some great people, so I opened up quickly. Because of this, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream of being on Jeopardy while still helping lead Student Government and acting in a musical.


I like the atmosphere of growth at UT Dallas.  Because we’re still not a big school, students have a wide variety of things they can do to improve campus.  It’s really easy for you to run into high-level administrators and tell them your ideas. UT Dallas is great for student-directed change.


Your first years in college allow you to explore your interests before you really have to buckle down. Take some seminar classes on more specific topics, play intramural sports, or try out for a theater production.


I wanted to study something in the sciences that prepared me for medical school, and neuroscience looked the most intriguing in terms of classes.  I also thought it was a unique subject that few other schools offered as a major.  I’m minoring in economics because I hope to be an international health analyst, and the models we study help me understand the complex workings of that market.


I like how easy it is to be involved in a wide range of activities and maintain academic stability. Classes are so intimate that you can have one-on-one conversations with your professors and feel comfortable with your material.


Outside of classes, I’m a member of Model United Nations, I write for A Modest Proposal, I work in a biology and nanotechnology lab with Dr. Rockford Draper, I play intramural sports, and I was a senator and legislative affairs committee chair in Student Government.  There are so many clubs and so many driven people on campus that it’s not hard to become involved.


Prashant Raghavendran was chosen from among more than 7,000 potential contestants to compete in Jeopardy’s annual college championship. He is active in Student Government, is a McDermott Scholar, a participant in intramurals, and a cast member in Side Show, a campus musical production. He plans to attend medical school and hopes to use his neuroscience knowledge to work toward a specialization in neurology.

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