Department of Biological Sciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


The undergraduate program in biology prepares you for:

  • professional studies in a wide variety of health-related fields
  • teaching in high schools
  • employment as research assistants in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, government and environmental science laboratories
  • graduate studies in molecular biology or related areas

You'll study a wide range of subjects, all with molecular and cell biology at the root. Biochemistry, Classical and Molecular Genetics, and laboratories in Biochemistry and Cell Biology are among the core courses from which you can branch out to study advanced topics such as Immunology, Medical Microbiology, RNA Structure and Catalysis, Parasites and Symbionts, Anatomy and Physiology, Neurobiology, and many other interesting topics, or you can branch out to different areas such as to take courses in Management, or Business and Public Law.

Teaching labs and workshops help complete your learning experience.

The special, individual attention that you'll receive ensures your positive growth and maturation. We stress an active and aggressive advising program to guide you throughout the process.

Meet our students

Read what current biology students have to say about their experiences in the undergraduate and graduate student profiles sections.

  • Updated: February 6, 2006