Department of Biological Sciences

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Undergraduate Areas of Study

The undergraduate biology program, one of the fastest-growing areas of study at UT Dallas, gives you the option of pursuing either a BS or BA degree. If you are interested in scientific careers in biology or careers in the health professions, the BS degree would be ideal. If you wish to spend more time in other disciplines (with less emphasis on calculus), the BA degree would be more appropriate.

Our program emphasizes molecular and cellular biology. Many aspects are examined, but the heart of the program focuses on studies of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and on the ribonucleic acids and proteins encoded by these genes.

A broad background better prepares you for the future. Molecular and cell biology are rapidly changing fields, and they require a more varied quantitative background involving chemistry, physics, computer science and mathematics. Such basics increase your understanding and application of new techniques in biotechnology and genetic engineering.

Degrees Available

Among the degrees available:

Typical Four Year Course Loads

Below are typical schedules of course work for the degrees listed.Each semester you will be taking between 12 to 17 credit hours. These schedules are flexible and designed to be used as an aid.


You'll probably want to expand the scope of your experiences beyond the classroom. The faculty welcomes students eager to work in research labs. This allows professors to teach you the techniques you'll need to become a successful scientist and helps create a nurturing environment to develop stronger bonds with faculty members.

The department embraces students looking toward graduating with honors. If you are planning to graduate magna or summa cum laude, you must complete an honors thesis project, usually in your senior year. Biology honor students are encouraged to work on their honors thesis in the faculty research labs. You'll work with an honors faculty advisor to devise and complete an original research project and to write the thesis.

  • Updated: January 16, 2015