Mass Email Process

The following steps are used to process mass email messages from the University that are sent to 500 or more members of the public. Internal email to 100 or more individuals can benefit from the review afforded by this process, too. The benefit should be considered before sending the message. Consult with University Web Services if you are unsure whether you need to engage the mass email process for your message.

Step 1

A mass-email checklist must first be filled out by the requester.

Step 2

The email will be designed and edited by a team including a Web developer and a Communications Manager/Editor. The Web Developer will add an entry in the University mass email schedule with the desired send date.

Step 3

A Communications Manager/Specialist will edit the message copy and work with the requester on any suggested changes. If custom art is sought, the Assistant Vice President of Marketing will review.

Step 4

A Web Developer performs technical testing to make sure the message and images work across popular email programs (Gmail, Outlook/, AT&T, Yahoo!, etc.).

Step 5

A small review group edits the message for typos or mistakes (eight-hour review).

Step 6

Final review from Web Content Editors (24-hour review).

Step 7

Review from the Vice President of Communications and the Vice President of Development (24-hour review).

Step 8

The email is sent to the audience requested on the date reserved on the University’s mass email schedule.