Wordmarks and Trademarks


Publications and advertisements must prominently feature the University wordmark:

The University of Texas at Dallas

“The” must always be included in the wordmark.

Although FF Din (default Arial) is the official University font, The University of Texas at Dallas wordmark may be represented in alternative fonts when necessary to complement the design of an ad or publication. Variation from the standard should be carefully considered and avoided if possible.


Print Applications

The cover page of all publications should always prominently feature the University wordmark as part of the headline: The University of Texas at Dallas.

In text, the University may also be referred to as UT Dallas, following the first reference to the University as The University of Texas at Dallas.

The University of Texas System

When referencing the UT System, use “The University of Texas System” on first reference and “UT System” on second reference. It is also correct to refer to “the System” on second reference. “System” should always be capitalized.

UT System Policy and Trademarks

The University of Texas at Dallas adheres to UT System Guidelines for all policies regarding trademarks and licensing. Inquiries regarding UT Dallas trademark licensing and registration should be directed to the the Office of Communications at [email protected] or X4701.

For inquiries regarding licensing The University of Texas at Dallas trademarks for resale, please contact Learfield Licensing Partners.

To access a list of UT Dallas’ preferred HUB vendors for promotional items, please login to Galaxy and select eProcurement.

Trademark Protection

The use of a UT Trademark in conjunction with the product or service of an individual, group or corporation may damage that hard-earned reputation. For this reason, UT System has taken the action necessary to protect UT Trademarks under applicable federal and state law and has developed policies and procedures to license their use under limited circumstances (see Trademark Policy).