Proofreader's Marks - Brand Standards - The University of Texas at Dallas

Proofreader's Marks


Instruction Mark in Margin Mark in Type Corrected Type
Delete the clever student the student
Insert indicated material the^student the clever student
Let it stand the clever student the clever student
Make capital the President
Make lower case the President
Set in small capitals See PRESIDENT
Set in italic type The President The President
Set in roman type The President
Wrong font The President
Set in boldface type McDermott Library
Set in lightface type McDermott Library
Transpose UTD
Close up space UTD alumni
Spell out ten students
Insert space the faculty
Insert period the faculty^ the faculty.
Insert hyphen one^to^one counseling one-to-one counseling
Insert colon the following courses^ the following courses:
Insert apostrophe John's thesis
Insert parentheses ^undergraduate^ courses (undergraduate) courses
Insert superscript 22 = 4
Insert subscript H^O H2O
Start paragraph end of semester. ^ The students... end of semester.
Run on/ no new paragraph end of semester. The students...
Move left [ [ the students the students
Move right ] the] students the students
Align ||
the students
   the students
the students
the students