Stationery/Business Cards

Business Cards

Authorized UT Dallas faculty and staff may choose from either one of the following business card designs:

Design 1 Design 2

Note: Adjunct faculty may have UT Dallas business cards printed if all appropriate permission is obtained. An email indicating approval of the supervising program/department head or director, undergraduate or graduate associate/assistant dean and the school dean should be sent to the Print Shop (

Business cards should be ordered through UT Dallas' Copy Center by using the online form. Log in using your netID and password and click Request Business Cards in the right hand column. Normal delivery for business cards is 8-10 days from receipt of the order.

Letterhead and Envelopes

Design 1 Design 2 Design 3 Design 4

Letterhead and envelopes should be ordered through the Printing Division. To process a request, attach a corrected copy of existing letterhead to a UTD Printing Services Reproduction Request Form and forward it to the Print Shop. Normal delivery for letterhead is 8-10 days from receipt of order.