UT Dallas Logos

The UT Dallas logo with the state of Texas silhouette is a primary mark of the University and is a distinctly horizontal design. It reinforces the relationship between UTD and both the city of Dallas and the state of Texas.

The UT Dallas logo is a versatile branding element that adapts well to both print and promotional usage that require a horizontal image. The UT Dallas with the full name of the University is sufficient on its own, but the secondary version requires the wordmark to be displayed prominently somewhere on the same page.

Branding for schools, centers, departments, programs and other institutional entities is secondary to the primary brand of The University of Texas at Dallas. No logo or mark may be created for these secondary units. Instead, refer to the School Lockups page for correct sub-branding guidelines.

Safe Area and Minimum Size Requirements

UT Dallas logos safe area guidelines

Safe Area
Follow the guidelines above as indicated by the intended x-height to ensure proper distance from other elements. The safe area applies to both the primary and the secondary logos.

Primary Logo Minimum Size Requirements
2” minimum width for print. 290px width for web.

Secondary Logo Minimum Size Requirements
.75rdquo; minimum width for print. 108px width for web.

Common Misuse

  1. Do not distort the proportion of the logo.
  2. Do not crop or remove any portion of the logo.
  3. Do not rearrange any components of the logo.
  4. Do not rotate the logo.
  5. Do not attempt to recreate the logo.
  6. Do not overlay the logo on graphics or patterns that negatively affect its legibility.
  7. Do not recolor the logo.
  8. Do not use the logo in black on a background that is more than 30% gray.
  9. Do not use the logo in white on a background that is less than 30% gray.

common misuse of UT Dallas logo

Color Guidelines

If possible, both the primary and secondary UT Dallas logo should appear in flame oramge. If flame orange cannot be used, black or white may be used.

correct colors for the UT Dallas logo