Improving the University’s visual presence on your Web site should be a key priority of any redesign project. Executed properly, a redesign can be a powerful means to attract and serve prospective and current students, faculty members or the specific audience you serve.

Or a redesign can be a complete flop.

We would like to help you have the former. University Web Services specializes in creating attractive, compelling, usable pages and sites in a way that addresses effective content management and future growth. If you are considering a redesign (or original design) for a high-visibility project or you would like our assistance on a smaller project, please complete our client survey.

To ensure effectiveness from your end user’s perspective, consider asking a few of your actual Web site users to complete the client survey. To promote administrator and faculty buy-in to your project, consider asking a few of your faculty members and/or administrators to complete a client survey. Before we can create effective design, we need to know what it is you want to accomplish. These two surveys facilitate the clarification of your project’s overall goals and objectives.

Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow that Works, by Goto and Cotler, is a text that provides a tried and tested Web redesign project methodology. It is highly recommended for use as a reference for projects that will replace or create 100 pages or more.