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  Tax Exemption Certificate, Hotel Occupancy--B13
Telecommuting Sample Agreement-- D10
Telephone Service Request-- F6
Texas Purchase Voucher, State of--D12/E16
Texas Tort Claims Act, Possible Claims--H4
Textbook Adoption Form (Course Book Information Request)-- F10
Trade-in of Equipment, Purchase Order-- E21
Transfer of Equipment-- E26/F18
Transportation, Request for-- F7
Travel (Links):
  Airlines Contract Link
  Hotel Directory Listing Link
  Meals and Lodging (out-of-state) Link
  Mileage Guide/Calculator Link
Travel Agency Information--B9
Travel and Risk-Related Activities Forms:
  Release and Indemnification Agreement for Minor Participants - B4

  Release and Indemnification Agreement for Adult Participants - B4-A

  Medical Information and Release Form - Minor - B4-B

  Medical Information and Release Form - Adult - B4-C

  Foreign Travel - Minor Participants Release and Indemnification Agreement - B4-D

  Foreign Travel - Adult Participants Release and Indemnification Agreement - B4-E

  Student/Team/Group Travel Authorization - B14

  Student Group Travel/Off-Campus Activity Checklist - B14-A

  Team/Group Travel Disbursement Register - B15
Travel Authorization--B1
Travel Expense Reasons for Return of Form--B8
Travel, Foreign, President's Approval--B16
Travel, Foreign, Governor's Approval (RESCINDED)--B10
Travel, Washington, D.C., Report of State Agency to
    Office of State-Federal Relations--B17

Travel Voucher, State of Texas-- B2

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General Administration
Accounting and Fianance
Budgeting and Expenditure Control
Facilities and Services
Plant and Property
Security and Safety
Business Procedure Memorandum

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