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Subject Index
Date Issued: 3/28/2000 Revision:3 Page:E1-100.0
Subject:Procurement Management
(Purchasing and Accounts Payable
Areas Only)

Subject Index Reference Code

Procurement Management Summary E1-105.0
Purpose and Scope E1-110.0
General Policy E1-120.0
How the State of Texas Procures Commodities and Services     

Purchasing at UTD Simplified E1-125.1
Methods of Purchasing E1-130.0
Emergency Coverage E1-140.0
UTD/Callier Center E1-150.0
Historically Underutilized Business Development E1-160.0
Small Order System (SOS) E1-170.0
Ethics E1-180.0
Entertainment and Official Occasions Policy UTDBP3094 (formerly E1-190.0)
Classification of Funds E2-100.0
Purchases Through the Texas Building and Procurement Commission E2-110.0
Purchases With Funds Held Locally E2-120.0
Anticipating Needs E2-130.0
Best Value Procurement E2-130.1
Bid Requirements and Review E2-140.0
Exceptions to Normal Bidding Procedures E2-140.l
Forms Index
General Administration
Budgeting and Expenditure Control
Facilities and Services
Plant and Property
Security and Safety
Business Procedures Memorandum
  Protest Procedure E2-140.2
Dispute Resolution E2-140.3
Exclusions of General Services Commission Act of 1979 E2-141.0
Expediting Procedures E2-150.0
Fiscal Year-End Orders E2-160.0
Special Provisions for Grants & Contracts Purchases E2-190.0
Purchases with Federal Funds E2-190.1
Capital Equipment Review for Federal Grants and Contracts
Repair of Equipment
State Specifications on Items to be Purchased E2-200.0
Unauthorized Transportation Charges E2-210.0
Warranties E2-220.0
Disposal of Excess/Surplus/Obsolete Property E2-230.0
Acquisition of Excess Property E2-230.1
Lease/Rental of Equipment and Machinery E2-240.0
Lease/Rental of Space E2-250.0
Vending Services E2-260.0
Purchases for Auxiliary Enterprises E2-270.0
Purchases from Texas Department of Criminal Justice E2-280.0
Purchases from UTD Employees E2-290.0
Purchase of Fuels E2-300.0
Purchase of U.S. Government Documents & Publications E2-305.0
Purchase of Printed Materials E2-310.0
Purchases of Items from Overseas E2-320.0
Purchase of Memberships to Professional Organizations E2-330.0
Purchase of Office Supplies E2-340.0
Purchase of Physical Plant Goods and Services E2-350.0
Purchase of Printing Services E2-360.0
Purchase of Subscriptions E2-370.0
Purchase of Used or Demonstrator Equipment E2-400.0
Rental/Purchase of Computers and Other IR Services E2-415.0
Return of New Equipment and Supplies E2-420.0
Trade-In of Equipment E2-430.0
Purchase of Services, Overview E2-440.0
Purchase of Consulting Services E2-450.0
Purchase of Services (Not Consulting or Professional) E2-460.0
Purchase of Professional Services E2-470.0
Purchase of Construction Services E2-480.0
Processing of Contracts E2-490.0
Interagency Cooperation Contracts E2-500.0
Purpose and Scope E3-100.0
Approved Signatures List E3-110.0
Planning Quantity Purchases on Requisitions E3-120.0
Preparation of Purchase Requisition E3-130.0
Purpose and Scope E4-100.0
Corrections on Purchase Orders E4-110.0
Purchase Order Change Request E4-115.0
Rejections and Cancellations of Purchase Orders E4-120.0
SPOT Purchase Order E4-125.0
Purchase Order Substitutions by a Vendor E4-130.0
Updating Purchase Orders from Receiving Reports E4-140.0
Purchase Requisition for State Contract Items E1
Contract Purchase Order E2
Open Market Purchase Order E3
Justification of Sole Source Purchases E4
Spot Purchase Order E5
Purchasing Card Program Guide E6
SOS Purchase Order/Receiving Report and Procedures E7
Sales Tax Exemption Certificate E8
Purchase Order Change Notice E9
Purchase Order Change Request E9A
Purchase Requisition Blanket Order E11
Purchase Requisition E12
Reproduction Request E13
Flow Chart for Shared Usage Screening & Certification E14
Interagency Cooperation Contract E15
State of Texas Purchase Voucher E16
Central Stores Requisition E17
Request for Payment/Reimbursement of Business Expense E18
Purchase Service Agreement E19
Professional Service Agreement E20
Purchase Order (Including Trade-In) E21
Contract Review Procedures/Processing of Grants E22
Request for Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages E23
Invitation to Bid E24
Invitation to Bid from General Services Commission E25
Interdepartmental Transfer/Release of Equipment E26
Request to Use Outside Catering Services E27
QISV Catalogue Purchasing Information E28
Equipment Screening Certification E29
U.T. System BPM 58-06-00 HUB Program E30
Authorization for Professional Services (formerly E31)
Flowchart for Payments to Persons Who are Not UTD Employees    E33
Individual Service Provider Documentation Form for Payments
   $100 or Less
Individual Service Provider Documentation Form for Payments Less
   Than $600 (Only for Artists/Performers)
Appointment Form for School Scholarships, Fellowships and
   Other Awards
U.T. System BPM 43-04-98 Consulting Contracts Policy and
   Procedures Guide
Voucher/Promissory Note Form (Travel Fund Advance Request) E38
Federal Suspension and Debarment Certification E39

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