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Subject Index

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  Safe and Vault Combinations--G 3-210.0
Safe Use of Elevators, Rules for the-- G 3-140.0
          Laboratory-- H 4-140.0
          University, Purpose and Scope-- H 4-110.0
Safety Hazards, Reporting-- H 3-140.0
Salary Survey, Wage and-- D 3-180.0
          of Property to UTD Employees-- F15-130.3
          of State Property F15-130.2
Sales Tax, on Petty Cash Purchases-- E 2-120.0
Scholarships, Fellowships and Other Awards--D 2-210.0
Scientist, Appointment of Research D 2-140.1
Search Plan, Administrative and Professional Service-- D 2-130.0
Security of Facilities and Personnel-- H 2-100.0
Security and Safety Hazards-- H 3-140.0
Forms Index
  Separation Form, Employee--D10-110.0
          Awards Program
          Centers-- B3-200.0
          Contract, Office Equipment-- F14-110.0
          Line Divisions, Utilities--G 8-100.0
          Modified-- D 5-110.0

     Computer and Computer-Related, Rental/
        Purchase or Contract Renewal of
-- E 2-415.0
     Precedence of-- G 1-160.0
     Request for--G 2-130.0
           Connections-- G 8-110.0
G 8-110.0
           Discontinuance of--G 8-110.0
Services Provided, Physical Plant:
          Departmental--G 1-150.1
          Gasoline Availability--G 4-110.0
          Institutional --G 1-150.0
          Professional --G 1-150.2
          Vehicle Maintenance--G 4-110.0
Sexual Harassment Policy--D11-115.0
Sexual Orientation, Nondiscrimination on the Basis of--D1-130.1
Sharing, Premium--D 4-110.0
Shipping: (General)-- F 3-110.0
          Callier Center Operations-- F 1-110.0
          Hours of Operation --F 1-130.0
Sick Leave:--D 6-170.0

          Accrual --D 6-170.0
          Pool--D 6-175.0
Signatures List, Approved, for Purchasing--E 3-110.0
          General --G 3-220.0
          Maintenance of:
          Building Directories --G 3-220.0
          Building Evacuation--G 3-220.1
          Bulletin Boards--G 3-220.0
          Directional Signs--G 3-220.1
Small Business Development, Minority and Female-Owned--
      E 1-160.0

Small Order System (SOS)--E 1-170.0
Smoking (Smoke-Free Facilities)-- UTDBP3089 (Formerly D11-300.0)
Social Security (Old Age and Survivor's Insurance)--D 5-150.0

Social Security Number (FID)--D11-200.0
Social Security Number Confidentiality--D1-153.0
Sole Source Justification--E 2-140.1
Space, Lease/Rental of--E 2-250.0
Special Provisions for Grants and Contracts, Purchasing--E 2-190.0
Special Travel Regulations for Other Than General Funds--B 2-240.0
Specifications on Items to be Purchased, State--E 2-200.0
Speed Limits--H 4-170.0

Sponsored Programs Administration-- B 3-100.0
Spot Purchase Order ($25,000 or Less)-- E 4-125.0
Staff Development Program, Out-of-Agency--D 7-130.0
Standing Purchase Order--E 2-120.0.2
State Agencies, Communication-- D11-140.0
State Agencies, Transfer to Another-- D10-130.0
State Contracts Awards Catalog-- E 2-110.0
State Funds (Funds Held by State Treasurer), Definition of--E 2-100.0
State Officials, Communication with-- D11-140.0
State Property:
           Removal of, from UTD-- F15-130.0

           Report of Transfer of-- F15-130.0
State Specifications Book-- E 2-200.0
State Specifications on Items to be Purchased-- E 2-200.0
Stock Gases:
          Bulk-- F 2-230.0
          Cylinder-- F 2-210.0
Stolen State Property-- F15-130.1
Storage, Transfer of State Property to-- F15-130.0
Subscriptions, Purchase of-- E 2-370.0
Subsequent Fiscal Year Appropriations-- E 2-160.0
Substitutions by a Vendor, Purchase Order-- E 4-130.0
Surplus Property (See Excess Property)-- E 2-230.0
Surveys, Wage and Salary--D 3-180.0

Sustainability--A 9-100.0

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