Comet Calendar, The Official Event Calendar for UT Dallas en-us This week's events for Natural Sciences & Mathematics at UT Dallas Physics Colloquium: Physical Cues for Axonal Guidance Wednesday, Feb 17
(4 p.m. - 5 p.m.)

Dr. Samarendra Mohanty (NanoScope Technologies)

The establishment of functional connections via axonal pathfinding is dynamic in nature and continues from neurogenesis until adulthood. While advancement has been made in understanding axonal guidance by different chemical cues, there has been a lack of understanding if and how axons respond to physical cues. I will present how different physical cues such as force, flow, and heat etc can be used to guide axons with varying efficacy. These cues can be very effectively generated by photonic means in a spatio-temporally localized and controlled manner. Use of these optical guidance technologies to unravel unique properties of axons will be presented.