Comet Calendar, The Official Event Calendar for UT Dallas en-us This week's events for Science and Mathematics Education at UT Dallas Spring 2018 Biological Sciences Seminar Series- Dr. Joanna Sulkowska, University of Warsaw Thursday, Feb 22
(3 p.m. - 4 p.m.) Location: RL 3.204.

“Mysteries of entanglement: proteins, life and physics-the biological role of knotting”

Abstract: Knotted proteins are believed to be functionally advantageous and to provide extra stability to protein chains. Twenty years of investigation suggests that they fold via a slipknot conformation, across the native twisted loop. This lecture presents how the diversity of identified folds of knotted proteins and their locations in cells is still growing and surprising us. Moreover it has been found that proteins can be even more entangled than knots– they also form lassos and links, which consist of several components. Based on the search through the entire Protein Data Bank, identified are several sequentially nonhomologous chains that form a Hopf link, a Solomon link, and various types of lassos. This lecture will show that topological properties of these proteins are related to their function and stability, and how the presence of links affects folding pathways of proteins and present new reaction coordinate to study entangled proteins. Knotted TrmD is the leading antimicrobial drug target owing to its essen­tiality for bacterial growth, its broad conservation across bacterial species, and its substantial differences from the human and archaeal counterpart Trm5. Dr. Sulkowska will present her achievements in designing selective inhibitor for TrmD, based on combining theoretical and experimental methods. All entangled proteins– 7% of proteins deposited in the PDB– are collected in databases: KnotProt, LassoProt and LinkProt.