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Thomas Campbell Executive Director Callier Center

Family and friends meant everything to Lena Callier. She and her husband, Edward, lived an active and social life, until Lena began to lose her hearing. When she couldn’t hear her friends at social gatherings, she felt frustrated and embarrassed. As her hearing worsened, it affected her relationships and isolated her from the people she cared about most.

Lena wanted to prevent others from suffering the way she did. So she established a trust to ensure that those with hearing and communication disorders could connect with their loved ones.

Lena’s generosity made it possible to create the Callier Hearing and Speech Center, which began serving fifteen deaf children in the initial program in 1963.

Fifty years later, the Callier Center has grown from a fledgling program into the foremost speech, language and hearing resource for North Texas. Today, we provide more than 48,000 clinical services to more than 4,000 children and adults annually.

Every day more patients depend on Callier for their care. To meet this need, we are expanding and enhancing our facilities in Dallas and Richardson, including the Expansion of Callier Richardson, the new Callier Autism Center in Dallas and the Renovation of the Callier Dallas Entrance Lobby. Our vision is to create the preeminent center for treatment, training and research in communication disorders to transform lives.

This journey of care began with one woman who turned a tragedy into a triumph by giving the gift of hearing and speech to thousands of children and adults whose lives will be forever changed. Thank you, Lena Callier, for leaving a legacy that has flourished for the last fifty years, and will live on as Callier embarks on the next half century.

Thomas F. Campbell, Ph.D.
Ludwig A. Michael, M.D., Executive Director
Sara T. Martineau Professor in Communication Disorders