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The Crystal Charity Ball
2015 Crystal Charity Ball Beneficiary

  • Callier Postdoctoral Program
  • Callier Cares Luncheon
  • First Lady of Zambia Learns About Callier Center During Visit
  • Expansion of Callier Richardson
  • Pure Sounds - Purity Macharia
  • The Communication Technology Center
  • 50 Years of Caring


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Callier in the News

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KERA | Think | Beyond Picky Eating

Communication is the Foundation of Strong, Meaningful Relationships

This video highlights autism treatment programs and research taking place at the Callier Center. First, speech-language pathologists define and describe autism spectrum disorder. Next, you will see inside Callier’s preschool programs for children with autism, including the Preverbal Communications Program and Early CLASS (Communication, Language And Social Skills). Finally, you will observe a research project that aims to transform the future of autism therapy. Robots4Autismâ„¢, a collaboration with RoboKind, uses a humanoid robot called Milo to deliver research-based lessons that teach social behaviors to children with autism.