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The University of Texas at Dallas

Our History

Lena CallierHearing loss had a profound effect on Mrs. Lena Callier, a native Texan who enjoyed a socially-active life with her husband, Edward.  But, as her hearing declined, so did her enthusiasm for participating in social and recreational activities.

Mrs. Callier’s once thriving and active life soon became very isolating and frustrating. The hearing loss had such an impact on her life that she made a commitment to herself to do all she could to prevent others from experiencing the same fate.

In 1950, Mrs. Callier established a trust for the purpose of alleviating the effects of hearing loss, as well as speech and language disorders.

After her death in 1957, the trust from Mrs. Callier’s estate was used to establish the Callier Hearing and Speech Center, which was incorporated as a non-profit, community-based institution in 1963.

Later, the Pilot School for the Deaf, the Dallas Speech and Hearing Center, and the Dallas Council for the Deaf merged with the Callier Center to form one cooperative program.

Initially housed in the basement of Parkland Hospital, the center relocated to its present location on Inwood Road in 1968.

In 1972, the center’s name was changed to the Callier Center for Communication Disorders to reflect the broad scope of programs and services represented within the center, and the center became part of The University of Texas at Dallas in 1975.

In 2003, the Callier Center expanded its programs and services to the UT Dallas campus in Richardson in order to better meet the needs of patients living in the North Dallas area

Pilot School for the Deaf historical documents